Social Economy Solidarity

Sostre Cívic is part of several social economy spaces and networks in the field of housing. We work together with other organisations with whom we share values, principles and objectives.

Networking, collaboration, mutual support and links with others is the way of working presently in our projects

We promote cooperativism in the way we live and organise as an entity, but also through the demand, consumption and use of services and products provided by social economy actors.

We are part of ...


A group of cooperatives and entities that work in different sectors of activity and whose objective is to strengthen and develop the partner organisations, ensure the well-being of the people who make up the group and contribute to the creation of the social market.

Non-profit cooperative that works to facilitate conscious consumption. They offer information and advantages to consuming less and better.

Second-degree organization composed of more than 160 partner organizations and about 100 individuals. The priority objective of XES is the promotion of the solidarity economy, both from a practical point of view and from the socio-political incidence.

The XES’s Cooperative and Transformer Housing Sector is a meeting place for organisations and groups that work together to promote cooperative housing in the context of the fight for the right to housing.

Collaborative map showing responsible consumption and solidarity economy initiatives in Catalonia, an initiative proposed by SETEM and the XES.

Federation of Consumer and User Cooperatives of Catalonia. Joint tool for the representation, promotion and defence of cooperativism and the rights of consumers.

Grouping of public housing companies, municipal town planning services, municipal housing offices, social housing developers, non-profit organisations and professionals providing services of general interest in the field.

Non-profit cooperative for the consumption of green energy. Its main activities are the marketing and production of energy from renewable sources

The Federation of Housing Cooperatives of Catalonia was set up in 1983 and represents the whole of Catalan housing cooperatives.

We collaborate with ...


They finance our projects:

Coop 57

Ethical and solidarity-based financial services cooperative.

Fiare Banca Ètica

Ethical banking for fair and sustainable economic development.


Public financial entity of the Generalitat de Catalunya.Generalitat de Catalunya.


We work together with:

Private and independent insertion company.

Architecture, engineering and urban planning services

Col·lectiu Ronda
Legal, labour, tax, economic and social consultancy

Coop de mà
Consultancy working in the legal, labour, tax and economic fields.

Newspaper specialised in investigative journalism.

Eixam arquitectures
Architects’ cooperative

El Risell
Transversal cooperative that offers consultancy services.

Gestió Integral
Social, fiscal, accounting, labour, legal, economic and financial services.

Consultancy and social research applied to the third sector.

Design and development of web environments and advanced applications.

Communication cooperative: social and creative communication projects.

La Boqueria
Multidisciplinary cooperative formed by architects, designers and engineers.

La Constructiva
Service cooperative oriented to the construction of cooperative housing.

labaula Arquitectes
Cooperative of architects with diverse professional backgrounds.

Lacol Arquitectes
Cooperative of architects working with architecture for social transformation.

Empowerment of groups and collective creation of new political imaginaries.

Research project on senior cooperative housing in the State.

Som Hàbitat
Services for social and environmental development.

With the support of ...