1. Become a partner

In order to be part of an existing group or project at Sostre Cívic you must be a memberof the cooperative.

2019 Ordinary General Assembly

All members of the cooperative can participate in the different cooperative housing projects in cession of use that the entity promotes according to the characteristics and criteria established and the regulation of the Social Statutes.

You can process your registration as a member by filling out the following form!

2. Find out about the groups and projects

If you are interested in joining one of the seed groups or projects that we promote from the cooperative, it will be necessary first of all that you can inform yourself about their characteristics and the possibilities of joining.

You can attend the monthly informative talk to learn about the projects we promote in the senior talks if you are interested in these initiatives in particular.

Information session open to the ECOS Group Sessió.

Occasionally we also organize talks on a particular project when there is a process of group formation or waiting list.

Check the agenda to find out the dates of the next talks!

3. Waiting list

As far as our projects are concerned:

      • Projects in the start and development phase: These projects have a waiting list of interested partners that opens at specific times, this opening normally takes place when the group is constituted or when, due to leaving the project or for other reasons, the group has to be filled in its entirety. The process of setting up this list has a specific duration, usually between 15 days and a month. Once the list is configured, the members are informed of their possibility of entering the project according to the order they occupy in the list, which will always be sorted by member number.
      • Projects in phase of coexistence: When the group is full and the coexistence stage begins, the waiting lists created in the promotion phase are eliminated. From this point, if the project is cancelled, all the members will be informed and a new list of interested people will be generated to cover that vacancy. At the moment that a new member is incorporated to cover this vacancy and therefore the group is full, the waiting list will cease to exist.

As for the “llavor” groups, most of them are closed, waiting to find an asset. It will be in that moment of consolidation of the project that many of them will incorporate new members.aquí Look for which groups are open and looking fro new members here with the filter “open to new members” here.

If you are a member, you can register for the open processes and consult the waiting lists where you are registered through La Interna, management and communication tool of the members.

4.Criteria for incorporation

The main criterion when transferring the right to transfer the use of a property is the order of seniority on the waiting list of expectant members.

    • By age: Senior projects can establish the age that partners must have in order to join the project.
    • Criteria for land ownership: If the land is owned by a public administration, this can establish a variety of criteria so that the project is aligned with the public policy to be promoted. Criteria can be established in relation to the coexistence project, the place of residence of the future users, the relationship with the environment, the energy efficiency of the building or the mix of uses and users, among many others.
    • Requirements of official protection: In the event that the project is located in a land or building intended for housing with official protection, it is necessary that the people who live there meet the requirements for access to this type of housing and that they register in the Register of Applicants for Housing with Official Protection. The requirements that are demanded to be registered in the Register must be effectively fulfilled at the moment that the application for registration is presented and must be maintained throughout the period until the entry to live.

Check the requirements for social housing of the Generalitat de Catalunya to find out more.

5. New additions

If you are registered on one of the waiting lists, it is likely that at some point we will call you to join the project group according to the following process:

  1. Notification of the possibility of joining via email or telephone.
  2. Confirmation of incorporation with the first contribution of the share capital of 1,500€, returnable in the event of cancellation.
  3. Signing of the agreement to join the project.
  4. Incorporation to the project assemblies.
Pati Princesa49

Inner courtyard of Princesa49

It must be taken into account that projects in a more advanced phase (in the basic project, executive or construction phase) require a greater initial input at the time of incorporation, which varies according to the project and the time of incorporation.

6. Projects with vacant housing

We currently have three projects with vacant housing at our cooperative:

      • Martorell: Property of 14 dwellings in the neighborhood of La Vila. More information
      • Palafrugell: Building of 6 apartments on 2 floors, built in 2008 and located 4 minutes walk from the bus station and 10 minutes from the Town Hall and Plaça Nova. More information here
      • L’Hospitalet: 44m2 social housing located at C/Occidente, in the neighborhood of Collblanch. More information here.

We also have open registrations to enter theCooperative Housing Project senior Walden XXI, of 31 housing units with services and community spaces aimed at seniors. More information here

And if you are a member of our cooperative, you can also register now for the waiting list of the project Cirerers, in the Roquetes neighborhood of Barcelona! You can access the registration form from theLa Interna platform .