A cooperative by project


Sostre Cívic is the first project cooperative created in Catalonia 

We promote severalcooperative housing projects and all of them are included within the same Sostre Cívic umbrella.

Each project is managed independently and has its own assembly. Moreover, they have separate economic management and financing: the risks are not shared between the different projects of the cooperative.The autonomy of each project is protected by the statutes and by the Catalan Law on Cooperatives (article 126).

The key aspects of the model are regulated by the cooperative’s general statutes, and any modification must be approved by the General Assembly.

Why did we choose this model?

  • To facilitate the creation of new projects. Promoting a new project in an existing cooperative is a simpler process as there is no need to draw up new statutes or set up a new cooperative. You save both the management and the costs associated with this procedure.
  • To shield the model in the long term, avoiding the sale of assets or speculation with the home. If any of the cooperative’s buildings are to be sold, it is essential that the sale be approved by a majority at the General Assembly, where all Sostre Cívic members participate, not just those involved in the specific project.
  • To create a network of mutual support between projects, and to allow the mobility of the partners from one project to another.Projects can share experiences and knowledge, carry out joint activities and establish support mechanisms. In addition, the shared internal technical structure avoids the externalisation of some tasks, reduces costs and facilitates management in the different phases of the cooperative housing project.
  • To ensure the replicability of the model and its long-term sustainability. Once the return of the credit is completed, users will pay a lower fee, referenced in a public indicator (currently a percentage of the price of the VPO* for rent), which includes the maintenance and services of the building, as well as a part of this to the replicability of the model and the financing of new projects. *VPO= Spanish public housing system

General Assembly

It is the cooperative´s
decision -making space, the voice of the will of all members. Participation is on an individual basis and one vote is counted per person/member.

The General Assembly is convened ordinarily once a year to approve the accounts and the work plan, which defines the guidelines and objectives of the entity´s actions, as well as the election of members of the Governing Council (catalan version).

For more details on the functioning of the Sostre Cívic Assembly, you can consult our statutes (catalan version).

Governing Council

The governing council is the representative and managment body of Sostre Cívic, and meets monthly.It is responsible for establishing the general guidelines for the entity’s actions according to the lines and agreements set by the General Assembly.

The members that are part of it can be elected directly by the General Assembly or be proposed by the different housing projects. The positions have a maximum duration of five years, and can be re-elected successively for equal periods of time.

From June 2019 the Governing Council is composed by:

Carlos Alcoba

Rosalia Ribés
Vice Presidency

Ona Cornellà

Joan Barba

Martí Bayer

Elsa Camí
Elsa Camí

Ander EstebanezAnder Estebanez

Ma Pilar LariosMa Pilar Larios

Josep Maria RicartJosep Maria Ricart 

Other spaces of participation

Sostre Cívic has several spaces and areas where members can actively get involved and participate.

    • Open space:Space for debate and general work of the cooperative, open to all members and with individual participation. It meets 3 times a year and performs the following functions:
      • To follow up the execution of the Work Plan and budget between assemblies.
      • Debate, work and reflection on topics of special relevance and general scope of the cooperative.
    • Group space: Space for debate and work open exclusively to the members of the consolidated groups and the cooperative housing projects, to reflect on the issues that particularly affect them
    • Work groups: Work spaces to tackle a very specific topic or action in a short work period. They are open spaces for members with a profile and motivations on this issue that can and want to promote this area. They are convened according to the needs of the entity.

If you want to know more about the model of cooperative housing in use and our entity but
you are not yet a member, you can participate in the open information session that we do monthly for interested people.Check out our agenda when we hold the next one!

Technical team

To support all the tasks necessary for the sustainability and management of the entity, there is a technical team, which is coordinated by the Governing Council and is organized in work areas, which responds to the axes of the annual work plan.

  Structure and administration area

Eulàlia Tubau
Area Coordination

Marina Potrony
Administration support

Alícia Bolancé
Economic and financial management

Diana Amigó
Administration support


 Cooperative housing project area

Yabel Pérez
Area Coordination

Coordination support.

Àngel Estévez
Project coordination

Eva Ortigosa
Project coordination

Arantxa García
Project coordination


  Model and advocacy area

David Guàrdia
Area Coordination

Lucía Basulto
Communication, diffusion and press

Mandi Domingo
Territorial technique Girona