In compliance with Law 19/2014 on transparency, access to public information and good governance, we provide you with the following documents about Sostre Cívic:

Institutional information

Sostre Cívic is formally constituted by:

      • Sostre Cívic Associació: Registered with number 29462 in the Registry of Associations of the Generalitat de Catalunya on August 17, 2004, and with NIF G63542286. Since 11 January 2012 it has been declared an entity of public utility by the Generalitat de Catalunya Read here the Statutes of Sostre Cívic Associació..
      • Sostre Cívic SCCL: Registered under number 13917 in the Register of Cooperatives of Barcelona on 28 September 2010, with NIF F65347858. The cooperative´s Article of Association were updated and approved at an Extraordinary General Assembly in December 2017. The Statutes correspond to the model of transfer of use and are in accordance with the current Catalan law on cooperatives.. Read the Sostre Cívic Articles of Association here.

Social balance: report of results

The Social Balance Sheet is a tool provided by xes to measure and ensure that entities comply with the ethical standards of the social and solidarity economy

Below you can find the Sostre Cívic results reports:

>> Social Balance 2018
>> Social Balance 2017
>> Social Balance 2016
>> Social Balance 2015

Economic information


2021 Economic data

*Non of the board members and representatives receive economic compensation for their roles.

You can read the independent auditor’s reports of the annual accounts (in Catalan):

You can also find the list of state grants received by our organisation:

>> Ajuts i subvencions 2020


2021 Economic data

You can  find the list of state grants received by the association:

Annual reports

How have the different projects progressed? How has the number of members of Sostre Cívic evolved? In this report, we have compiled the most important data for each year!


Memòria 2017 - Sostre Cívic   Portada de la memòria 2018 de Sostre Cívic       

Work Plan

The Work Plan is approved by the General Assembly and defines the guidelines and objectives of the entity. You can consult Sostre Cívic’s work plans below:

>> Work Plan 2017
>> Work Plan 2018-2019